Assisi House is the outreach center of St. Patrick and Sacred Heart of Jesus parishes since 1983.  It provides food, clothing, referrals and encouragement to the homeless of the area, to men and women in rehabilitation programs, to immigrants and to needy families.  In coordination with Esperanza Center and John Hopkins, it hosts educational and mental health programs for the community.  Luncheons for seniors are held twice monthly.  Assisi House depends on donations to provide these services.

Assisi House offers services which include:

  • Food Pantry
  • Clothing
  • Housewares
  • Community Service Programs
    o Commiendo Juntos
    o Back to School Supplies
    o Christmas Gifts for Children
    o Workshops and Events offered by Community Partners

Casa Asís es el Programa de Divulgación y Servicio Social de Sagrado Corazón y San Patricio, ofreciendo servicios sociales a la comunidad de Baltimore desde su creación en 1983. Algunos servicios disponibles incluye:

  • Despensa de alimentos
  • Ropa adultos e infantil: gratis o con una pequeña donación
  • Programas de Servicio Comunitario
    o Comiendo Juntos
    o Unidos y Seguros
    o Talleres ofrecidos por socios comunitarios
    o Eventos de información general (Navidad, regreso a la escuela)

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